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I have been pursuing book works and process based works on paper for more than a decade as a form of quiet performative rituals of mark making. Repeated over and over as a mantra it is a way of measuring time, labor and thought, as well as a form of personal diary. Notebooks have proven to be a significant medium for my explorations on rhythm, repetition, energy, tension, obsession, meditation, dialogue and movement. The following book works explore variations of mark making on notebook pages: burns, stains, graphite marks, ink marks, and tearing all playing against the rigid formality of a notebook page. The series of notebooks was first exhibited as a collection of 6 books as part of Line Rituals & Radical Knitting, the survey solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Guelph in 2013 and Border Stitching solo exhibition at Oboro, Montreal in 2015. More recently in 2023, a collection of 12 notebooks were exhibited as part of the solo retrospective exhibition Home Paradigm: A New Place of Belonging at the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Serbia, as well as part of the solo exhibition Home and Belonging at the Cultural Center -Small Art Salon in Novi Sad, Serbia.
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