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Fragments of a Whole

Fragments of a Whole explores human relationships and societal constructs through a metaphor of a “broken plate”. It looks at the notion of fragility and endurance and how we deal with crises, both in our personal and social relationships. This body of work centers on archetypes, the notion of fragmentation and unity, reflecting on our complex political discord, by exploring the anxiety and discontent rooted in the issues we are faced with today.


In the era marked by a lack of cohesion, the work redefines our notion of what it means to be complete. The whole doesn’t need to be a harmonic set of parts or an autonomous entity. It can instead cohere around fragmentation, things lost or missing, and the unexpected. Uncounted and unconfined, this freer conception of the whole can shape new understanding and alternate ways of being. Likewise the work plays with the idea of a “quick fix” and contemplates different ways of restoring, healing and fitting in. The push and pull between construction and destruction, vulnerability and resilience, art and mass production, domesticity and social rituals are all examined here. Merging personal and political the work in this series explores the processes of fracturing and mending by creating symbolic representation for identities, relationships, societies and countries that are broken and in need of restoring.

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