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Shifting Shelter

Installation Shifting Shelter establishes a thoughtful introduction to the politics of trans-cultural migrations in the oscillating global system, at a crossroads where displacement manifests itself as one of the predominant geopolitical characteristics of living generations. The immersive site-specific installation informed by the on-going migrant crises, investigates the personal as well as universal experience of displacement as a space of both immobility and movement. Consisting of diverse materials, such as found objects, household items, furniture, mirrors, toys, tools, elastic and tape, all uniformly black, the installation positions the notion of home as a flexible concept, in a state between dismantling and rebuilding. The work imagines a place with precarious walls and open, unsafe spaces that require constant re-imaging and rebuilding. Through materials and objects found or acquired at each new location, the installation offers new narratives and reading each time it is re-installed.

Most recently, Shifting Shelter was shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade (2023) as part of the solo survey exhibition Home Paradigm: A New Place of Belonging. Previous locations include Cultural Center, Belgrade Serbia (2020), Nadežda Petrović Memorial Gallery, Čačak Serbia (2020),  Illingworth Kerr Gallery , University of Alberta of the Arts, Calgary Canada (2019), Gallery Stratford, Ontario (2018), Angell Gallery, Toronto, Ontario (2017).

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