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Video Installations

Work presented in this section explores the relationship between the sculptural object and the moving image/video. The intersection between them creates a narrative that is interconnected and in dialog with each other. On  one hand  we are faced with the physicality of the constructed object (usually a representation of some kind of barrier or an enclosed space) and on the other, immateriality of film/video. The constructed large-scale objects usually imply limitation and boundaries, while the moving image offers wide open spaces and potential of escaping.

Cradle (2004-2023), originating in 2004 and shown as part of the Significant work series at the Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery Ontario, was recently reconfigured and presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade (2023)  as part of the Home Paradigm: A New Place of Belonging solo exhibition. Playing with opposites, the work confronts  the notion of creation versus the notion of destruction.
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