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Site-specific Installations

This body of work dwells emotionally and philosophically on the subject of boundaries, portraying a border place of identity positioned in-between traditions and homelands. The network of ties, and lines woven together through repetitive, laborious processes are at the same time suggestive of communication as well as separation. The work presented here reinvents barriers such as walls and fences and represents them as soft configurations and woven, permeable structures. The architectural forms of a wall or a fence is reproduced through processes that make reference to female practices such as sewing, knitting and crocheting. By utilizing materials and techniques, which were historically designed as ‘female’, the work “stitches together” the division between traditional women’s needle work and fine arts. Furthermore, the interplay between construction and craft renegotiates the traditional gender stereotypes as defined by artist's Serbian heritage  and enacted through her immigration from one cultural context to another.

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